Jeremiah’s Kall Productions will travel the globe to present audiences with high-energy Spoken Word and Hip-Hop concerts without using profanity, derogatory lyrics and/or degrading images.

The Jeremiah’s Kall Productions movement seeks opportunities to support community-based civil objectives that will leave audiences with lasting expressions of optimism.

Value Statement

Jeremiah’s Kall Productions’ aim is to produce music that is Real~Raw~Responsibly Rebellious.

  • REAL- Of substance or thing; not imitation or artificial; genuine
  • RAW- Of emotion or quality; strong and undisguised
  • RESPONSIBLY- In a sensible or trustworthy manner
  • REBELLIOUS- Showing desire to resist control or convention (a way in which something is usually done, especially within a particular area or activity)


Reach the masses via, concerts, public appearances and in periodical articles while maintaining a current social media presence.


Jeremiah’s Kall artist Black Jewel is the recipient of the 2014 IMEA (International Music & Entertain Award) rap album of the year award and has also been featured in the following magazines:


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